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HP Photosmart Premium Wireless All-in-one Color Inkjet Printer/Fax/Copier/Scanner introduced 2009.

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How to clear all memory before recycling

The printer doesn't work, so I cannot delete any jobs that may be in its memory from the setup screen. I get a message :Printhead is Missing. I do not want to repair, just want to make sure all memory is deleted from its internal drive (both printer and fax) before taking to ewaste or donating. I do not show any jobs pending in the queqe from my computer screen. Is this enough?

I would feel better removing the hard drive, but I cannot find anything on the internet as to where it is located.

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dgrubb109 the c309a does not store any scan or print information beyond a power cycle. It may keep WiFi setup information and Fax log information.  To erase that your printer will have to be turned on and at the setup icon (tools) go to restore factory settings, that will delete this inforamtion. Make sure any memory cards have also been removed from the front memory card slots. There is no hard drive.

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If you take it to e-waste I doubt you will need to worry about the Hard Drive or the Solid State Drive because the printer will more than likely be scrapped and crushed (I have visited my local e-waste facility and thats what they do with the e-waste they intake). Your best bet is probably just to take it to an e-waste facility.

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