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A 14" chromebook released in December 2014 by HP.

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How do you re-attach fallen-off keys on the keyboard?

If a Chromebook key is pulled off of a chromebook keyboard, how to you re-attach the key without the key immediately falling off again?

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thank you for your assentent


how to fix a keyboard on a chrome board os?


Check this key clip to make sure it is not broken, Also check to make sure the peggs for the keyclip is not bend or broken. Then make sure that the bottom side of the key is also not borken. If all 3 of these are in good shape the key clip should snap on to the pegs, then the key should snap on to the key clip and all should be working fine.


what store can i go to fix this key?


I've repaired several of these. As long as the rubber cup is still on the keyboard, and it types that letter when you press the rubber cup. The key hinge clip and key its self are fairly simple to replace.


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This guide should be of help for you. If the scissor mechanism is broken or if the little clips are broken on the bottom of the key are broken you will have to replace the key.

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This article did not help me.


where can i replace a key


what store can i go to?


You can fix the scissor mechanism, just carefully take off another key and use that as a reference to putting it back together. If you snapped it in half or something, then yes it is unfixable and you need to get it replaced.


The link is about replacing the other keys, not the space bar. So for the OP's question, this answer is useless.


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