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{A1989 / EMC3214}—Erschienen im Juli 2018. Das 13" MacBook Pro ist mit Quad-Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren und Intel Iris Plus integrierter Grafik ausgestattet.

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Upgrading RAM from 8GB to 16GB

Hello - i just purchased a Macbook Pro 2018 Retina - and need to upgrade the RAM from 8GB to 16GB. Please do advise thanks

other details - MacBook Pro 13-inch, Model No: A1706, Silver

3.1GHz dual core i5, 8GB, 256GB, Touch Bar

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If you just bought it return it ASAP! Apple will take it back and you can then buy the 16 GB model.


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Unfortunately you are unable to upgrade the RAM on the new Apple laptops. The only way to do this is to purchase a new one from Apple with 16gb Ram.

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The new MacBooks do not come with interchangeable RAM. All the RAM is soldered on to the motherboard and isn’t user replaceable. I have seen videos of people unsoldering the RAM and soldering new upgraded RAM onto the board but it is very risky and may damage the motherboard.

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Only on the older retina models (with removable SSD) was that even remotely possible (need to be very skilled to pull it off).

The 2016 and newer Touch Bar or Function key models use custom RAM chips which can't be gotten.


I believe the one I saw was basically removed from another MacBook.


Can the geniuses [sic] at a mac store or other authorized repair shop do a soldering upgrade with AppleCare+ [sic] or even just retail? If so, how much might that cost? I'm very disappointed that my 2018 MacBook Pro has only half the memory of my seven-year-old MacBook Pro. What were they thinking?


Ross, Sorry its wishful thinking,

The geniuses at the Apple Store are not equipped to do custom micro-soldering and most independent repair shops aos don't get into this level of alteration. It also makes no difference if you have AppleCare+ service contract as this is an enhancement from what you where sold. The only solution is just buying a new logic board with the deeper memory by the time you bough it and put it in the cost would be so close to buying a new system it really it not economical.

While you and me are looking for deeper memory systems, there is still a population of users which don't need that deeper RAM.

Believe me! Soldered RAM is not what I want in a Pro system. I want the ability to get a system that has serviceable RAM so I can upgrade when I need the deeper RAM not be forced into buying a new system every few years. That also includes storage as well.


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Yes you can. You will need to hire someone if you don't have the skills or equipment to complete the upgrade.


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So you can do brain surgery as well! Lets be real, this is brain surgery and most of the people who come here are not doctors at any level!

Then there is costs! Finding someone with the tools and needed parts to do this will end up charging more than the cost of getting a replacement logic board.

Think of it this way...

Your driver side door of your car is crumpled up very badly! Are you going to spend the hours if not days banging out the dents and then all of the body putty and sanding to smooth it out so it looks as good as new and then paint it?

Or are you more likely going to the local junk yard finding the same model car with a pristine door which only needs a paint job to match your car. I think its clear the cheaper better solution is replacing!

Just because you can, doesn't always make sense!


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