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The Kitchen Gourmet XQ-673H is a 4-cup switch coffee maker made by the Kitchen Gourmet company.

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My pot drips like crazy when I pour the coffee

I use this product all the time. However, when I pour my coffee it pours all over the counter, I usually pour over the sink because of this ….but the pot is already small and i hate the mess not to mention the mess it makes.

Any suggestions? I have tried to pour slow and I have checked it for cracks or chips. None

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Mine does this, too. I finally discovered if I hold that little plastic top part up when pouring the coffee doesn't spill.


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pajohnson  since it happens when you pour the coffee, I do not believe it has anything to do with a dirty coffee maker. It seems that spillage is a problem with most small coffee pots. The small glass coffee pots most likely have a spout that is to short and angulated.

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It sounds like it needs a good cleaning. Get some white vinegar mixing 50/50 with distilled water and running it through.

Here’s a good reference How to Clean Your Coffee Maker

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