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Sony Xperia M4 aqua was released 2015, June. With a Size of 5.0 inches, it was operated in Android OS, v5.0.1. Sony Xperia m4 Aqua has internal of both 8 GB, 2 GB RAM/ 16 GB (E2306) And it has 13 MP Primary Camera and a 5MP Secondary Camera. This phone has a non-removable Li-Ion 2400 mAh battery.

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Left half of screen is black after replacing? Please help!

This is for a Sony Xperia z. The phone wasn't listed on ifixit. Hi my old screen was smashed (but still working) but decided to replace it as I'm semi competent (maybe not) but anyway I've done a few screens before and they have been fine. Anyway after putting the new replacement screen on and putting everything back together I turn it on and the whole lefthand side is black From top to bottom, right hand side of screen works fine and even the touch works on the whole screen. Any ideas? I've reseated the cable several times but no joy.

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More than likely you’ve received a faulty part. Try to get in tough with the provider of the part you purchased about an RMA or swap out, or just order another part. If the second screen is doing the same thing, you may have damaged a connector in the phone during you initial fix.

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It's nice that somebody decided to answer my question, ifixit really has gone downhill since the last time I used it. Turns out it was a faulty screen all along.


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