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Were can I buy a new hard drive an iMac g3

So the iMac I have gotten it hard disk drive is dead. I’m wondering if I can fix it or if I haft just buy a new used hard drive. If I can’t repair it we’re can I possibly buy a new hard drive. Thanks for any answers or advice for the question

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not sure about a 13GB model but the Apple parts number for the G3 Hard drives are as follows:

661-2372 7 GB

661-2373 7 GB

661-2344 10 GB

661-2361 10 GB

661-2327 20 GB

661-2335 20 GB

661-2336 30 GB

661-2362 30 GB

The drive itself is a 3 1/2 inch ATA-100 (40 pin IDC) drive. Something like a Seagate U series 9 will work. The iMac was designed to take a maximum drive size of 128GB. I’d go with a size that came with the iMac G3 or is a common size greater than 20GB like 40, 60, 80, or 120. There are many places that pop up with an online search. It will be easier for you to do an online search and determine the best option for you than for me to tell you what I think where you should buy it from. iMac G3 Model M4984 Hard Drive Replacement

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@oldturkey03 Just wondering if that replacement guide is interchangeable for both the 1999 model and the later models.


It worked for me


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You can buy a new Hard Drive here from eBay. I believe this is the right model Hard Drive as it has a 13 GB storage capacity and also has the ATA port for data transfer.


Heres a tutorial on how to replace the Hard Drive too.


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@oldturkey03 Your answer jogged my memory. This machine will only take a maximum hard drive size of 128 GB IDE drive. I definitely would not get a used hard drive, do some searching.

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