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The Asus ROG G751JL-DS71 is a 17-inch gaming laptop made by ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated. This laptop is designed to deliver the performance and capability that experienced gamers want.

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Can you change the keyboard black light colors on this model?

I was only wondering because all it shows is red and if I CAN change it, I have no clue how.

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Nope, G751 series doesn't support Aura RGB lightning.

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I believe this video will be of help to you. Report back the results!


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i have the G551JW and the rog gaming center doesnt have the options he has in the vid on the bottom left. why is there nothing there but a bunch of empty boxes?


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i have the JY version | had JL before :)| but yeah unfortunately we’re stuck with red accent, per-key RGB looks so awesome though.

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