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This is the device page of the Medion Akoya (P6630) MD 98560.

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Wireless Capability turned off


I have a Medion laptop (P6624) which i recently formatted to Windows 7. I have installed both network and wireless drivers from the official site.

Connection through network cable is working fine however the wireless connection remains with a red cross.

Upon troubleshooting it says wireless capability is turned off. I have unchecked the power option for the driver however the problem still persists.

Please help!!!!!

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Have you tried pressing Fn + F7 together to check if this enables the WLAN?

I don’t know your laptop but some laptops also have the option in BIOS to disable/enable the WLAN function.

If pressing the function keys as above doesn’t work go into BIOS (press F2 soon after powering on the laptop) to view the settings in BIOS to see if there are any WLAN options.

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@jayeff ah come on. Same time.


Hi! In addition to what my esteemed colleague @jayeff wrote,

Try turning wireless connectivity on by following these instructions from Lenovo (they will work on your laptop as well because the settings you need to access are in Windows and do not depend on the laptop maker):



It's crazy if you think about it. The chances are so low...


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