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Erschienen im März 2017, ist das G6 LGs Flaggschiff-Smartphone mit Android 7.0. Dieses Gerät ist bei den meisten Händlern erhältlich. Eine Reparatur dieses Geräts kann die Wasserdichtigkeit beschädigen und das Gerät anfällig für Wasserschäden machen.

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After dropping LG6 it wont turn on

My son dropped his LG6 it shaddered his screen. Protector but screen on actual phone is fine.

He said when he picked it up to look at it the top half of his phone was distorted colors then the phone went blank can't get it to turn on or show its charging. I held both volume buttons with power button all 3 together, hoping to reset it to get safe mode to appear ..but I get nothing ..

could the impact have killed the internal phone screen (LED SCREEN

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From your description it sounds that there could be two possible reasons for this. First I would recommend to check if the display connect has loosened or dislodged due to the drop. If this does not fix the issue then the only option is to replace the screen as this would be the cause.

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which cable is it that is the display connector?


Provide a photo of the internals and I will help identify which cable it is


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