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Charging port, taptonic etc not working after housing repalcement

I changed the housing on an iPhone 7 and now the lower part of the phone isn’t working.

Speaker, charging port, taptonic, mic….. everything on the lightning cable.

I bought a replacement lightning port, installed it and still not working.

I was very careful with changing everything and I’ve done over 100 iPhone 5s and 6’s and never had a problem.

So any ideas what could be the problem? Interestingly I did my first iPhone 8 last night and now have the same issue on that as well.  So weird.

I have a spare lightning port, could I test that just be plugging onto motherboard without installing? Would it still work?

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You should definitely be testing your parts before installing them—check your spare charge port by plugging into the logic board without installing. This would have been a good idea to do with your replacement charge port that you already installed. Replacement parts are notoriously bad out of the box, and original parts are easy to damage during transfer—-so always test first.

If you have no dock functions at all, no charging, no headphones, no bottom microphone then you have a few possible faults—MOST likely would be damage to the charge port connector on the logic board so that you can’t get a solid connection due to the plastic being misshapen. Look at it very closely with magnification to see if the charge port connector looks damaged.

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Thanks Jess.

I tested the original that I removed, not installed, just plugged to the connector. It's working.

So I reinstalled, now it wont work. Is it possible the cable is shorting somewhere when installed?


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