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Aktualisierte Version des Retina MacBook 2016. Modell A1534, EMC 3099. Jetzt mit schnelleren Kaby Lake Prozessoren bis zu 1,4 GHz Core i7 mit Turbo Boost bis zu 3,6 GHz und bis zu 50 Prozent schnellerer SSD und unterstützt bis zu doppelt so viel Speicher.

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USB C connector works one side only

I have a problem similar to this one - iPhone 5 only charging on one side?, but with MacBook 12” 2017. One morning I found it completely dead, even though it was plugged all night and I do not usually discharge more than 80% anyway.

After spending a couple of hours attempting to resurrect the device, it finally started charging. When I opened the lid the battery was completely dead, i.e. 0%. I charged it completely and then decided to do SMC reset. I had bad luck again. After shutdown it won’t boot again, even though the device was fully charged.

After another hour of pressing various buttons it finally booted. Just in case, I did SMC and NVRAM reset, but after final reboot it stopped charging again. Another useless hour and I realized that it’s USB-C port works only one side. I.e., similar to micro USB connector, I need to plug devices in with one specific side. If I rotate it 180 degrees it will not work. Everything works fine - USB devices like flash reader, Display Port, HDMI, charging, but only on one side. If I turn it 180 degrees, it does not connect.

I tried to look inside the connector and it looks pretty normal - no bent pins or anything I could see. I am thinking about cleaning the pins with some solvent, but not sure which one to use. Could you suggest if this can be a hardware, i.e. - controller issue or more likely an oxidized pin?

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I would start off replacing it here’s the IFIXIT guide: Retina MacBook 2017 USB-C Anschluss austauschen and the needed part MacBook 12" Retina (Early 2016-2017) USB-C Port Assembly

MacBook 12" Retina (Early 2016-2017) USB-C Port Assembly Bild


MacBook 12" Retina (Early 2016-2017) USB-C Port Assembly


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