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Die Oberbekleidung von Patagonia hält dich warm, wenn es kalt ist, und trocken, wenn es naß ist. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad der Reparaturen reicht vom einfachen Ausbessern von Rissen bis hin zu komplizierteren Reparaturen der Abfütterung.

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Old rain jacket delamination


I have an older (6 years?) rain jacket that is starting to delaminate. The seams are still sealed, but the white, water repellent coating on the inside of the jacket is starting to peel off the outer. Do you have any suggestions to combat this?


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I have the same issue. Bought mine about 5 years ago, only worn in the rain, and never washed or dried it. The inner white coating is completely gone around the waist up about 3 inches and the same on the sleeves. It flakes like dandruff and is no longer waterproof in those areas, any solution from Patagonia?


Hi @sammeybobbles, have you tried to reapply the repellant? If you scroll down a little bit an answer from Mayer has a guide on how to do it. I'm attaching the link here just in case you aren't able to find it.

Hope this helps!

Die wasserabweisende Wirkung (Durable Water Repellent) deiner Jacke auffrischen


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See if this guide helps solve your problem:

Die wasserabweisende Wirkung (Durable Water Repellent) deiner Jacke auffrischen

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I’ve had luck reapplying a waterproof coating several times over the life of the jacket. Unfortunately, this problem is on the inside of the jacket and the actual lining is coming off.


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I have the same issue, so i called the store if they can repair it and they said that it ‘s not repairable…But they can replace it for freeeeee! brand new jacket,it might not be the same style but, hey! its brand new Patagonia. Hope this helped you.


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Unfortunately, this problem happens constantly if it is not washed properly or very few and when it starts to happen it is inevitable, it is just ready to be recycled (I would recommend washing it at least every month if you are using it daily) and sometimes reactivate the impregnation. The next time you buy one, keep it in mind and you will be able to have it for many more years, you also have to consider how much weight and wear you gave it, sometimes you have to invest in one that has more layers (now Patagonia is doing most with three layers at a good price). I hope it helps you a little. Greetings from Berlin

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