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Repair guides and support for the EOS 70D, a DSLR camera released by Canon in 2013. This camera can be identified by the model number DS126411.

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Blue dot on Canon eos M3 LCD

A few days ago a blue dot/smudge appeared in my canon’s eos m3 Lcd screen. The blue only shows n lcd, not in the photos/videos when transfered to laptop.

Does anyone know what is this and how to fix it?

Block Image

Block Image

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It may be a stuck pixel,

Fully charge battery. Turn the camera on; go to menu and select “manual sensor cleaning”. Restart camera and problem should be fixed.

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Not solved. And it looks more like a smudge with blurred edges than an exact pixel.


dead pixel on a LCD is usually white... it seems that a blue dot is likely software related.


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