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A mildly redesigned 300 was introduced in 2011 as a four-door notchback sedan, the five-door station wagon version of the 300 having been retired.

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Why is my rear camera not working?

Whenever im backing up in reverse, my camera on my car does not work it says “Check Entire Surroundings” but the screen stays black. Does anyone else have this issue?

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Of course I have this same problem 1 payment left lol. N no warranty ;(


I have the same problem it is the camera I replace it every thing ok!!!


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Hi @nanaaa626 ,

Online research regarding your camera problem shows that it not that rare a problem.

Just search for (insert year of manufacture) Chrysler 300C rear camera problem and you'll see the results.

There are four possibilities in order from most likely to highly unlikely;

a). faulty camera - online research shows that your camera problem is quite common and most of the time it is the camera unit itself. (most likely problem)

b). faulty or loose wiring connection to the camera from the radio head unit. (therefore no power supplied to the camera or no video signal link from the camera to the radio head unit. This could be at either end - radio or camera

c). faulty radio head unit (least likely problem)

d). check that someone hasn’t placed black tape over the camera lens (highly unlikely but you never know)

Try contacting a reputable professional auto electrician (two or three) and ask for a quote to repair the problem and also what guarantees they provide on their work. (some may even offer a no fix no fee service - it never hurts to ask)

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Hi I have the same problem I replace the camera every thing ok!!


134$ fro eBay


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