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Will these wired keyboards destroy the tristar on an iPad 6th gen?

I have seen some teachers giving out non-genuine knockoff wired keyboards to be used with school district issued iPads. I also know that using non-genuine lightning accessories can destroy the tristar chip on Apple devices with a lightning port so this kinda worries me to the point where I want to spread awareness of this danger of tristar failure.

Should I have a reason to worry? I use a Bluetooth keyboard with my district issued iPad instead of a knockoff wired keyboard just to avoid this issue.

@refectio @jessabethany Ideas?

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It’s always possible with non certified accessories. The problem is that they require power from the device and if they don’t have built-in protection circuitry, they can expose the iPad to high power requests and damage the logic board. Like anything else, it’s a numbers game and the probability that any one keyboard damages a Tristar IC is low but when you scale it up, you see problems.

IMHO, from a school district perspective, they should not be allowing non MFi-certified accessories being connected to school owned iPads. With the high number of devices, they will see problems…eventually.

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@refectio Thank you! I will be sending an email to my school’s District Technology Specialist about this matter. Hopefully they will wake up and spend the extra dime for a Bluetooth enabled keyboard after realizing the dangers of non-MFi certified accessories.


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