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The ZTE Quest n817 is an Android smart phone that was introduced in 2015 and is commonly provided by Assurance Wireless.

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Battery terminals are broken can the terminal block be replaced?

My ZTE N817 shorted at the battery when I plugged in the charger, I broke one of the 3 terminals that connect the phone to the battery, I tried to solder the broken terminal and the phone did start up when I put it back together but, the battery was to low to keep it on. I plugged in the charger but, it wont charge..Is the phone fixable?

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If the battery is really drained you may find that it will not take a charge. You can try a trickle charge overnight connected to PC / wall outlet etc. In the past I have had success with charging the battery using a 9v battery, connecting it using a wire from each terminal of the battery to the corresponding phone battery terminals…it only takes about a minute until the battery charge is enough to then accept a charge via the wall socket.

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