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Air horns are mounted on trucks, cars and boats.

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The pressure needed for the horns

Howmany psi do I need for it to function and what is the max psi it can withstand with out damaging the horns

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I have been googling like a mad thing. apparently 40-50psi will make a honky tonk loud sound. From this you can then increase up to the loudness of a jet taking off …around 100 psi. The suggestion being move up in increments of 10 until the desired eardrum decimation has been reached, monitoring your air horn as you go. All sites do not recommend greater than that for air horns (perhaps that is because they can’t hear you or your eardrums have been punctured) Happy honking

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Hi @pollytintop ,

Thought that this product link may be of interest.

The Pressure (Bar) "slider" only goes between 1-1.2 Bar (14.5-17.4 psi). Not sure whether this means maximum psi or what they operate at as there is no further info.



There isnt much "detail" in the product detail is there? Couple of pumps ar 4 bar.

I'd read the instruction manual or contact the supplier for clarification.

Thanks @jayeff


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