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Apple AirPods sind kabellose Kopfhörer, die im Dezember 2016 auf den Markt kamen.

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How to fix water-damaged case


I have been given some water damaged AirPods to fix. Apparently the actual AirPods work, but the case doesn’t after being in contact with water. I do not know how long it was in water, or any details like that. How would I go about fixing this?

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Frankly, you don’t. It is almost impossible to take apart the case intact and have it still be working, hence the 0/10 repairability on the repairability scale. I would just advise your customer that it might be worth their while to buy a new charging case. This is a rare case that I advise doing something like this but it may be your only option.

Point your customer to this website and have them contact Apple for a genuine replacement charging case.


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Do the AirPods charge wirelessly in the case or through connectors?


@albert8181 Twchnically the AirPods charge thru connectors. There are prongs at the bottom of the charging case which the metal on the bottom of the AirPods touch to charge.


So if I apply the right voltage to those points, it might be able to charge? What voltage does it charge with?


@albert8181 Still, your best option would be to get a new charging case. You need the charging case to use these AirPods anyways, don't you know?

To answer your question the charing case supplies 5V DC to each AirPod. I have no idea if you could do this without the charging case though because Apple is known for using proprietary technology in their products.


What I mean is once they are connected and don't need the case, they could be charged externally? Do you know which prong is the 5V pin, and which is ground? (Just to clarify - I have been given these to see if I could fix them - the owner doesn't want them anymore as they are water damaged, and this is just experimental to see if I can bypass the case)


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