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Ein Desktop Computer ist stationär und in einem Gehäuse untergebracht, getrennt von Peripheriegeräten wie Maus, Tastatur und Bildschirm

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Fan constantly running at 100%

Hi all,

I have a Lenovo Thinkcentre model 10AW008FMH and the fan is constantly running at 100% It happend suddenly i left the office for the day and came the next morning to it doing this, it never happend before and it is highly annoying for me and other colleagues so i can’t use it.

I hope someone has the solution for me


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Hi @nixni ,

Try this and see if it works:

Power down the system

Remove the power cord from power supply. (power cord from PSU to AC wall outlet)

Remove CMOS recovery jumper(#17 in image below - note its’ connection)

Remove CMOS battery (#24 in image below) (note the orientation of the battery)

Hold power button for 5 seconds

Reconnect the power cord to the AC wall outlet.

Power On computer and then hold Power again to Power off

Connect CMOS jumper back the way it was

Replace the CMOS battery back correctly

Power up (system may beep twice)

Press F1 for BIOS

Set the BIOS to the default settings

Set time and date

Press F10 to save BIOS settings and exit

Check if the fan is still running at 100% continually. If it still does you have a motherboard problem, possibly the temp sensor thinking that the CPU is overheating but it could be something else ;-)

Block Image

Image taken from p.72 of the service manual for your desktop. Click on image to enlarge for better viewing

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Hi @jayeff

Thank you for taking the time out of your day trying to help me!

Now i have already tried to remove the CMOS battery and reinstall it but it did not help. I'm thinking myself that the BIOS somehow corrupted and that a reinstall would help.

Is that even possible, to reinstall the same version BIOS?


Hi @nixni ,

Did you changeover the CMOS recovery jumper as well when you removed the battery? Not the way I described it above to just remove it

That should restore the BIOS to an uncorrupted version. Removing the battery only resets the settings back to their default value.

See p.175 of the service manual for how to restore the BIOS

I don't know if you can reinstall the same version but given that there is a Bios update for Aug 2018 you may be in luck.

Double check that this IS the correct link for your model desktop


Hi @jayeff,

I did complete all the steps you have laid out for me and the bios settings where all set back to their default value's.

And i have updated the BIOS using Lenovo's update tool and indeed there was an update availible, and the problem is now solved.

I think somehow the bios corrupted and it could not read the tempratures inside the PC correctly causing it to ramp up all the fans inside the case.

I want to thank you for the help, because if it weren't for you i whould propably not even think about the BIOS! Thank you very much!


Hi @nixni ,

Glad that you got it working OK.

Enjoy the quiet ;-)



Thank you so much! It worked.


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