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MBP won't turn on/boot up

MacBook Pro 17" Model A1261

Having the same problem as other post "MBP won't turn on/boot up" . MBP was working fine, closed lid, couple hours later opened lid, unit would not turn on. I bought it used about a year ago and it has worked fine and nothing has been changed.

Power cord light is green, battery has full charge. When power button is pushed, LED light turns on for about 3 seconds, then turns off. If power button is held down, LED light stays on for about 6 seconds, flashes a number of times , then goes off. The DVD clicks a number of times and the fans turn on during this time.

I tried disconnecting the power and battery and holding the power button for 30 sec, reconnecting power-no change, PRAM reset- no change, disconnected the hard drive and DVD with no change, LED light still only comes on for a few seconds,unit will not turn on. Any suggestions what to check next? Bad logic board?

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I would check your RAM. When the light on the front blinks it sometimes means your RAM modules aren't seated properly. Take out the RAM cards (make sure to wear a static wrist strap or touch something metal that is grounded before you touch the RAM! Electrostatic discharge will kill your RAM). They are located next to your battery. Here's instructions on how to do this: MacBook Pro 17" Modelle A1151 A1212 A1229 und A1261 RAM austauschen

Make sure the RAM cards are clean and then put them back in properly. I hope that is all that's wrong!


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+ nice answer


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Try removing the battery and starting. Next disconnect the battery and see how far it will boot, if it goes further then insert the installation DVD, hold down the "C" key and restart. Let us know your results.

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I tried removing the battery and there was no change, unit will still only turn on for about 3 seconds.


Disconnect the hard drive and if that does it.


I disconnected the hard drive, no change .

I disconnected the DVD, no change.

I tried holding down the Command-Option-P-R keys while pushing the start button , no change.


Did you get a tone when trying to reset the PRAM?


No tone or chime, only sounds were the two fans running for a brief time and a few clicks from the DVD (nothing was in the DVD).


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