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Apple's operating system for its Mac desktop and portable computers.

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Different languages between Safari and macOS. HELP

I have a MacBook Pro early 2011 with macOS Sierra in Portuguese. The issue is, my Safari doesn’t follow the language. I have already tried to change the system language for three different languages, and Safari keeps itself in English. Previously, my macOS was Yosemite, but I updated trying to solve this.

Obs:. Hardly ever I can see sentences in the system (like em date and time settings) composed by words in two different languages (parts in Portuguese and parts in English)

Obs/2:. When I change the system language, I delete the other. Due there is just one language possible.

Obs/3:. When I insert this in Terminal ” /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/MacOS/Safari -AppleLanguages ‘(pt-BR)’ " I can start Safari in Portuguese, but when I quit it and start again it is in English.

Did somebody pass through this or even have any idea in how solving this?

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Got it. For those who need this answer, I could solve this by inserting the following command line in terminal: defaults write com.apple.Safari AppleLanguages '("pt-BR")'. You just need to change the field pt-BR for the language you intend to apply to the browser or particular application.

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