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music stop to play, how can I fix?

Hi, can you please tell me where I can see how to fix the music on my christmas triple deck carousel

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I have no music - turning the volume control does nothing.  Where do I look to make the volume work.  I sound worked , we had to take apart to put a new drive belt on.  The carousel would not turn, but the music did work.

Please advise.

Thank You


volume doesn't work at all - no sound what so ever!


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Make sure you are using fresh batteries on your carousel. Also, could you elaborate more on what the problem is? Is the speaker crackling or unclear, or is there no sound at all?

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Carousel goes around perfectly but has no sound. Have turned up volume and tried different song options but nothing works. No crackling noises.


the carousel is electric and there is no sound at all


Yes the carousel move freely. We have switch the different songs, move the volume up and down (nothing) and no crakling sounds


any suggestions?? needing help


Mine is not playing music either. If I play around with the buttons I hear cracking.. maybe a few notes of the song and then it stops.


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