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Model number: IMW477-DR. This bluetooth speaker features an IP67 rated waterproof design with an on-board microphone. Available in black, blue, gray, green, and red.

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What speaker is needed to replace the ones inside? Mini Lifejacket 3

First off, the device is a Mini Lifejacket 3, not 2. iFixit just doesn’t have the Lifejakcet 3 as an option when choosing a device.

One of the speakers inside of the device had one of the wires disconnect due to a poor soldering job, which during my analysis, the second wire also popped clean off with little effort.

The device houses two 4 Ohm 3 Watt speakers and after searching online to find a replacement, the ones that came up are in various sizes and won’t fit it seems like.

Anyone know what the actual speaker is to put inside the device?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Russell. I’m not sure if I can find an identical speaker to the one in the lifejacket, but I wonder one with the same measurements would be a suitable replacement. You’ll have to measure the speaker yourself (as I don’t own one), but this one is 40mm diameter, 20mm height, which seems in the ballpark. As far as the wires go, I would try to resolder the original ones rather than find a replacement for them given that white plastic harness they’re attached to.

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