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Battery dead, cant find replacement

Its not really kinddle 3 its prestigio liberrto but they look similar. i cant find replacement battery for this ebook reader, can i just solder similar lion battery wires to these 3 contacts? am guessing +, -, and BSI? My problem is i dont know what generic lion has 3rd wire for bsi or what ever this 3rd one is, i guess i can also short - and that third one and try like that?

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This ebook reader uses common BL-4L and BP-4L nokia battery so its much easier to just buy new one

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The third wire that isn’t labeled is usually a thermistor to make sure the battery doesn’t overheat. It may boot without that connection, but you may have to add a resistor to trick it into thinking there’s a thermistor that’s at the right temperature.

Adding any lithium ion battery should theoretically work, just make sure to check that it isn’t bloating or overheating after charging before calling it good.

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so short negative (-) and 3rd ("thermistor") then resistor then negative wire on lion battery?

Can you link me to some example lion batteries, i see some have 3 wires and some just + and -


What I would try first is just wiring the positive terminal of a lithium ion battery to the (+) connection on the board, the negative connection to the (-) and just ignore the extra connection for the thermistor.

If that works, it means that there's no need for a resistor or anything else.

Also, the original battery may have been something like 7.2 volts (it should say on the side), and a generic lithium ion cell will likely be 3.7 volts, which means that you may have to find another battery to use, since wiring lithium ions in series in this kind of application isn't a great idea.


original is also 3.7V at 1300 mAh , i think i will try just soldering + and - and going from there, worst thing that happen is that it doesnt charge at full? i hope, anyway new generic lion battery should come in a month or so, i dont know if i should close this as answered or keep it until i try it myself and then report


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