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Das Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset ist ein von Kingston konzipiertes Headset. Dieses Gerät beinhaltet ein Headset, ein abnehmbares Mikrofon und einen Inline-USB-Audio-Controller und ist mit den meisten Geräten kompatibel. Modellnummer: KHX-HSCP-RD

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Left Ear not working, works when I bend the wire a little

I stopped using this headset for a while, so I packed up the wires and put it back in it’s box the way it got shipped to me. I opened it up back in December of 2017 when I got a new PC. It worked fine for a long time, although the wire braid started to wrap around itself, causing the underwire to become exposed (not the actual wires under the entire thing, just the not braided point that has a matte color, it’s still covering the actual wires) and bent at a very steep angle. This was completely harmless to the audio quality for months. Eventually, sometime back in August, the left ear stopped working suddenly, and if I bent the wire in a certain position it would start working again, until the wire was touched again. I dealt with this for the longest time until suddenly it just stopped working no matter how much I bent it and what direction I bent it in. These knots happen all up and down the wire. I’ve been fine with this for a long time, and eventually I got used to it, but honestly its the most annoying thing. I paid 100 bucks for these headsets, and they had the best sound quality I had heard in a long time, and I desperately miss the amazing sound quality. I honestly don’t have the money to pay for these again. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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IF you want to keep it, you will need to repair the wire. IF it didn’t short out a component on the motherboard of the headset.

-Cut wire

-Bad ground

-Solder loose

Right to repair baby! start to repair it, tear it down … open it up.. what is the worst that can happen? it breaks? It’s already broken. Out of the wire harness, it is probably 1-2 wires cut. You could repair them by splicing a piece of wire into it, or redo the entire harness. You could find cheap headphones in goodwill to use the wire harness from them.

You will need a soldering iron .. solder..

or wire, wire crimps… you got the idea : )

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Thanks for this information, and thanks for answering. This sounds like much too effort and risk, because really any headphones is better than nothing, and breaking these doesn't seem like a good idea. Tbh I think I would rather just wait a bit for the next paycheck, and buy 'em again. I like to spend as little as possible, but for this case I would much rather spend money than put in all this effort. For some this would be a fun project, but it is definitely not for me, unless you can sell me on some other aspects of this, or give some other details, this is a hard pass for me.


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