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The DYMO LabelWriter 450 is a professional quality label maker for home and office use. Model number: 1750283

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Why are the Labels on my Labelwriter 450 being cut off when printing?

The label of the Labelwriter 450 is being cut off when I try to print why is that?

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What’s probably going on is that the preset print size is incorrect. In the Label Software, go to to Preset Printing Sizes, and make sure your settings match the size of label you currently have in your LabelWriter.

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I don’t believe that the previous post is correct. I have 2 label makers, one works perfectly and the other cuts the left edge off: both are set to the same labels. Moving the label doesn’t make any difference either.

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I have several that print well and several that cut off the right side and all have the same settings. I am also wondering what will fix the Dymo label writer from cutting off part of the right side.


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