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Synology DiskStation DS412+ makes an excellent NAS server for advanced home and small-office networks.

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Has someone the schematic of the sata board of the DS412+?

Has someone the schematic of the sata board of the DS412+? I need to have the component name of one of the FETs.

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I can not say with 100% certainty; NO. My experience with Synology concerns a DS1813+. If it is under warranty they will replace your NAS for free. If it is out of warranty they will suggest that you buy a new one and send the old one to your local land fill. After 6 weeks of exchanging emails with their tech department they did admit that they may be able to supply a power supply. NO mother boards are available and NO schematic or repair manuals. On a Fixit friendly scale I would give Synology a 1.

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My suggestion is. If you have an old unused desktop that still runs, that has room for 2 or more HDDs, is repairable . Install OpenMediaVault, trueNAS or another of the Free NAS OS and practice with that. When your Synology or other closed source NAS dies, you are not stuck in that "I have to buy that product" loop.

Just an after thought.


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