The Samsung Chromebook 3, introduced in 2016, is the successor to the Chromebook 2 and features an Intel Celeron N3050 processor. The XE500C13-K01US model has 2 GB RAM while the XE500C13-K02US model has 4 GB RAM.

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Chrome book not powering on

I powered off my chromeboom due to a Wi-Fi problem and it just wouldn't power back on still shows a charging light and has a full charge.

Other things say to use refresh button and power button to soft reset the device but that doesn't work.

Is my best bet to open the bottom panel and disconnect the battery?

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Try pressing Esc + Shift + Refresh + Power all at the same time. If that works, it will force restart your chromebook and hopefully it will power on. Just my two cents.

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Tried this, I get a white light led indicator that flashes when I push the power button and refresh button


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