Fourth generation 2-In-1 convertible laptop released on 2015. Succeeding the Yoga 3 Pro, the Lenovo Yoga 900 (also known as the Yoga 4 Pro) sports a durable 360° watchband hinge, an ultra thin chassis, and extended battery life.

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IS this the right screwdriver?


I have bought, as mention here, a T6 torx screwdriver to open my Yoga 900. But it seems it is too big and needs a T5. Could you validate so like me others don’t buy the wrong screwdriver for nothing.

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Yup, its a T5, not a T6. Someone goofed up on those guides. Buy a T5 driver and report back if it worked so we can be 110% sure.

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Yes just received my T5 and now it works. I was able to change the WIFI card.


@nalfes Yay! I will update those guides. If you found this answer acceptable then please accept it so we can clean up unnacepted answers.


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