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A home coffee brewer, released in 2011, manufactured by Keurig. Repair for this device is similar to all other Keurig models.

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Leaking water into the cup along with the coffee

I use my Keurig B40 with K Cups and plastic refillables. Both have the same problem. Yesterday, I noticed that water was flowing into my coffee cup along with the coffee. This makes for a rather weak cup of coffee . I thought that there was a leak where the top needle punctures the K Cup. I removed the rubber seal aroung the needle. I cleaned the seal and the surface around it. There was a lot of old coffee around the needle.

I reassembled the seal and made a new cup of coffee. The same thing happened. When the brewing was complete, I removed the K Cup. The top was dry. I found the same thing with the plastic reusable. Water is bypassing somewhere, but the top is dry.

What should I do next?

I found the problem after taking the top cover off the Keurig B40. The hose to the water injector had pulled loose and thus most of the water was bypassing the K Cup. I put it back together and the problem is fixed for $0.

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Remove the top cover. There are 2 screws at the front under the cover. Then check the hoses.

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This problem happens eventually to 90% of Keurig (and other) machines when brewing reusable K-Cups like My K-Cup. There is an easy fix for this available on ebay for $4.95 that works like a charm. It’s a new part to add in the lid of your brewer in seconds without tools and is guaranteed to fix this problem instantly or your money back - including return postage.

Click this link:


Block Image

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This is an old picture from 2015 when the price was $3.69.


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