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Something wrong with T-Con board?

Recently my TV started showing this dark shadow on one side:

Block Image

I managed to get it away when fiddling with the left ribbin on the T-Con board, but only for like 5 minutes. This problem returns every time.

What could it be? And is it fixable?

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Need model number.


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Roan de Graaf  that does not look like a T-con error. It looks like a dim light and a fix for that would be a new power board. Of course, there is always a possibility that this is a bad panel. Start with a new power board and see what it does.

Update (11/08/2018)

Odd behavior for a T-con board but if you can resolve it by moving the hasp on the board, consider changing the T-con. I'd purchase one that could be returned just in case it does not resolve the issue.

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No, its definitely not a dim light.. All the backlights are working just fine and when I disconnect the ribbon from the T-Con the screen turns completely white.

I can get it away by opening and closing the latch of the ribbon on the T-Con board multiple times, like sometimes it triggers something to make it right. But that doesn't last long tho.


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