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Camera suddenly turns off and won’t turn on even after charging

Camera suddenly turns off and won’t turn on even after charging. Tried loads of combinations of buttons. The zoom lens has not retracted. Camera only 4 day old.

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my girl -friend bought a brand new kodak pixipro az422 2 and half years ago still got tag on in box never used , just wouldnt power on so she put in cuboard and never ended up doing anything with it . idont have orignal recipt but ido have the warranty, wat can i do ? without paying for repair


This did not work. I just bought this camera this morning and have had it charging for 10 hours. It will only power on if plugged in. As soon as I unplug it, the camera goes black and will not turn on with the power button.



As you have just bought it and the battery has been fully charged, take the camera back as it is faulty and get a replacement or a refund


Camera only turns on during charging and then if I take it off the charger it won’t even turn on at all even though it’s been charged for a certain amount of hours it’s been on the charger. And I would say the camera is maybe about an year or 2, so I’d assume maybe the battery may be old or something but I really don’t know what’s wrong with otherwise



My camera, is having some issues where the camera is only wanting to turn on when it’s only on the charger but when I take it off the charger, it would turn my camera off and doesn’t wanna turn back on when I try to turn it back on by using the switch to turn on the camera on. And I’m not really sure on how to fix that problem for the camera cuz since the camera is about maybe 1 or 2 years old. But my best guess would probably be the battery could be bad or something but really I’m not exactly for sure or not if that’s the case or not but if you guys know what’s going on with it or has any ideas on what’s going on with it, uhm I’d really appreciate it if you guys could contact me or email me on what’s going on with it or whatever. Thank you. 😊

Email- mconstantino906@icloud.com

# (906) 553-3229


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Try a power refresh and see if that works.

Remove the battery from the camera.

Operate the Power ON switch for 30 seconds and then switch OFF.

Reinsert the battery and check if the lens retracts and then see if it will turn on.

If it doesn’t, as the camera is only 4 days old, consult the manufacturer’s warranty card that came with the camera, as to what to do to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

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Thankyou so much!!!!!!


This solution actually fixed my pixpro z43 with the same problem. I had to repeat the process several times. It became more functional each time. The lens finally retracted and and after a couple more iterations an image appeared and it now takes pictures. Nothing else had worked prior to reading this.


I just got my camera 3 months ago and have only used it a few times and my camera shut off on my babies first fourth of july so i googled how to fix this very problem. I just did the steps listed and my camera is working now so thank you


This did not work. Camera still not working unless plugged in. Battery says 100


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Hi @madiconstantino

Try replacing the battery and after fully charging the new battery, check if it now works OK

If your camera is a Kodak AZ421 model as shown on this page search for LB-060 to find suppliers of the battery that suit you best.

Here's the user manual that may also help. Go to p.15 to see how to remove/replace the battery ,

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