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Model 5234us. 1.66GHz Intel Centrino Duo

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Not working at all. It lets me on, to kick me off again.

I get on, it logged me in, and it brings me to a box of code. Then, the box leads to a blue box that says that

Block Image

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I would recommend doing a system restore.

Go to your windows search, type “System Restore”

Select it and click on “show more restore points” because why not.

Select any date before you recall NOT having this problem.

If you dont have enough time to do so then once you go to “Repair Your Computer”… it will be an option. Keep reading to find out how to get to “Repair Your Computer”

if that doesn't work as it didn’t do anything to help OR it didn’t show a date, then boot into safe mode.

Boot into safe mode by constantly pressing “F8” on computer start. Either that or hold “F8”, don’t completely recall.

Once you are in safe mode, select the option “Repair Your Computer ”

Once you press on that, select “startup repair”

That may fix an issue you have.

If that doesn’t work, go back into “Safe Mode”

Select the option “Disable automatic restart on system failure.”

That may prevent the issue of the computer restarting based on a failure.

The computer’s definition of failure could be something ridiculously stupid. So its all good.

Hopefully any of the issues help you bud.

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