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Die sechste Ausgabe des OnePlus Flagship-Smartphones und Nachfolger des OnePlus 5T. Veröffentlicht im Mai 2018.

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I put the sim tool pin in the upper microphone

hey guys , so i just put the sim toolkit in the wrong hole (upper microphone) and i feel like i click something something like popping i dont know how to explain , i read that the upper mic is for noise cancellation , so did i just damage my mic?? i have upper and lower mic my device is oneplus 6

i need your help guys , thanks

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@mohdz sure sounds like you may have popped the tool into the mic. Hard to tell unless you take it apart and take a look at it. There are no specific guides but check out the teardown OnePlus 6 Teardown Try the functionality of your phone out and if everything still works then you might consider leaving it alone

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thanks alot of but did this affect noise cancelltion? because the upper mic is for noise canceling , thanks alot for your reply


As for what it affected, that will be up to you to let us know. You are hearing it and let us know what you find out.


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I would recommend placing a phone call from your Oneplus 6 to a landline or to a second cell phone you have an hand. Generally most phones use the upper microphone to aid in noise cancellation. They also use the upper microphone as the primary input when you have the device in ‘speakerphone’ mode.

Test your microphone like this: (Phone A = Oneplus 6, Phone B = second device.)

  1. Call yourself.
  2. After answering the call, place a finger over the microphone hole on Phone B. This will eliminate the feedback produced by holding two phones so close together during a call. Continue to cover this microphone for the duration of the test.
  3. Hold the speaker of Phone B up to your ear. Hold the bottom edge of Phone A (OnePlus 6) up to your mouth and speak in a normal tone. You have just tested your primary microphone.
  4. Press the ‘speakerphone’ button on Phone A. Hold the top edge of Phone A up to your mouth and speak in a normal tone. You have just tested you secondary microphone.

If both mics sound normal then you have no damage to the microphone components. Honestly I think all you did was puncture a moisture barrier or a dust barrier. The vast majority of phones I work on which have a mic hole at the top of the device near the SIM tray hole take user error into account during design. Manufacturers assume the customer may stick the pin into the mic hole. Therefore, the mic is usually NOT mounted directly under the hole. Instead there is a rubber channel that take s a 90 degree turn. So you end up either stabbing the rubber cap (harmless) or stabbing an ingress protector of some kind, which just makes the phone less water-resistant.

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man you are awesome , thanks alot for your reply , ill try it and let you know the result


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