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Replacing LCD Screen that got cracked

So I have two FX991ES’es (One is actually a better version, they look the same, same shell, same everything just different functions one is a slightly better version (115ES PLUS) still there the same basicly.

So my 115ES display is broken and I would like to try to fix it before throwing it away and buying a new one, I have the 991ES display which from opening I see they have the same ribbon and everything. I don’t care about breaking anything as I’m throwing it away anyways and I don’t have any expierence with stuff like this.

How would one go in disconnecting a ribbon from the board and reconnecting it? Does anyone have an idea how the mechanism locking it in functions? I would guess it’s some kind of glue or adheseve, but I’m just shooting in the dark here.



I have two screens I want to replace my FX115ES PLUS Screen with my FX991ES Plus screen, but confused about how to disconnect/reconnect the ribbon cables.

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is it connected via Zebra strip ?

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then it easier, to remove and the attach other one


yes it seems like it has zebra stripes


Is there a right way to remove the zebra strips? how much force and how should I apply it?


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