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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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Volume fluctuates on TCL TV

I have a 4K TCL SmartTV and I’ve noticed when the scene changes or sometimes just if people are talking the volume drops drastically,to the point I can’t hear anything besides whispers. My TV is connected to a Vizio Soundbar and I can’t figure out how to turn off the volume adjuster on either one.

Thank you for your time

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What is the model number of the TV?


My tcl roku tv volume increases/decrease automatically. Any solution? TIA!


Hi @Ushman Ashraf,

What is the model number of the TV?

Check in the menu > audio settings if there is an AVL (Automatic Volume Level) or similarly named setting.

If there is, try turning it On (or Off) and check if it makes any difference or not.


I just purchase a TCL Roku TV but when you use you control remote to put the volume up they keep going all the way to a hundred and if you try to put it down they don't let you


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Hey Roberto! Your TV and your soundbar both have audio settings that enhance dialogue. I would make sure that they are both set to enhance dialogue, or totally disable audio on one of them to try and isolate the problem. You could also have a faulty cable connecting the two that is shorting somewhere and causing the volume fluctuations.

Good luck, I hope this helps!

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Hi @cachito ,

Don't know your TV but does it do this when you use the Volume buttons on the TV itself (if it has any that is)?

If not then you may have a faulty remote.

If it still does this when using the TV Volume controls then as it is new, either contact the retailer or the manufacturer (see warranty for details) about the problem

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