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Released in May 2014, the Chromebook 2 features an 11.6" display, Intel Celeron processor, and a 16GB SSD. Identified by model number XE500C12-K01US.

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How do I fix broken audio jack?

One day, I go to use my headphones on my Samsung Chromebook 2, but I am greeted with very distorted audio. I tried everything I could to try to fix it. (Wiggle the headphone jack, remove anything in the audio jack port, etc.) After a while I found out the the headphones work perfectly fine when the mic button is pressed on them. I tested another pair of headphones, and the same thing happened. It seems that whenever I use a pair of headphones with three plastic rings on the jack, the sound is very distorted. BUT, when I use headphones with only 2 plastic rings, it works perfectly fine. Any ideas?

(My headphones worked perfectly fine before, so something must have happened to my Chromebook port.)

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Fixed by bending a piece inside the jack.

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