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Asus ZenFone 3 (ZE552KL) is an Android smartphone manufactured by Asus released in August 2016.

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ZENFONE 3 ZOOM - Replaced Broken Screen, Phone turns on, but no screen

I have the Zenfone 3 ZOOM: Screen cracked, repair shop replaced with new screen, screen still doesn't work. The phone DOES turn on, and if I swipe up on the blank screen I can first feel/hear the vibration response, and if I start touching the lower area I get the beeps from the pin code keypad that loaded, I just can't see anything. ASUS wants almost as much as a new phone for the repair.

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It could be a bad part they installed. Do you feel comfortable in taking it apart and looking at the display cables and their connectors? If they look fine, it may just need a new screen if nothing was shorted during their repair process. Bad parts can happen, it's just a matter of replacing the same thing again.

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