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Das Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset ist ein von Kingston konzipiertes Headset. Dieses Gerät beinhaltet ein Headset, ein abnehmbares Mikrofon und einen Inline-USB-Audio-Controller und ist mit den meisten Geräten kompatibel. Modellnummer: KHX-HSCP-RD

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Hyper x Revolver s wiring positions for a jack replacement

I have the Hyper x revolver s headphones with mic, I have the audio working the only issue is the mic. Green is on pole 1 , Red is on pole 2, Blue is on pole 3 .. I have 2 wires left copper and white, they do not go on pole 4, already tried that, anyone got any other ideas ? The manufacturer says it goes green is left channel, red is right channel, blue is ground and white and copper is for the mic, of course they do not tell you the order. This is for Xbox

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Is it possible you could send me a picture of the order of the wires inside the headset as I forgot where they go


i had the same problem. after some messurments i came to this for an AHJ connector.

1 white - mic (+)

2 copper and blue ground (and - mic)

3 red - right speaker

4 green - Left speaker


Hey I have this issues and I read your answers, but was it resolved. After studying this, only 1 of the 2 standards were tried. The 2nd standard with the mic being on pole 2 and the ground being on he sleeve might work. I'm going to try my hand at fix this for a friend and put my soldering to work. If I encounter some roadblocks I'll be back thanks everyone for your suggestions.


Hi guys,

any update on this?




For anyone looking for the HyperX Cloud revolver S pinout to manually replace aux jack, the following worked for me using a third party AHJ 4 pole jack header:

1 -white and copper (left as was did not untwine as suggested with other headsets)





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Scott Muise  you are most likely referring to the TRRS male audio jack.

Block Image

For that wiring there are two standard CTIA and OMTP (see attached image)

Block Image

Since you have blue on Ring 2 that would make it ground. Connect your Mic White to the Sleeve (or like you said pole 4) and the Copper wire with Blue on Ring 2 (Pole 3 per your description)

Block Image

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My Xbox 4 pole jack replacement hasn’t worked, the current config I have soldered is pole 1 is red, pole 2 is blue and copper, pole 3 is green, pole 4 is white. The mic still does not work. Does anyone have any other ideas


Did you try the wiring as suggested in my answer. Ring 2 is Ground so your Blue and Copper need to be on that one.


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I my headset on computer and usb adapter

1 green

2 red

3 blue + cooper

4 white

I had to separate white and cooper as they came together.

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