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Is there a a quick way to identify the machines produced in latter yrs

This model was produced until Oct of 2016. I like to keep one or two in stock for customers looking for repairable, upgradable machines but would like to acquire the ones made in latter years. Is there a way to quickly identify these machines? I know I can use Coconut Battery to tell manufacture date but is there another way? Like with serial numbers and Apple's Check Coverage page? Any external identifiers? Or in about this Mac?

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Is this what you are looking for?

Probably isn’t though. One possibility is keeping a copy of coconutBattery on a flash drive so you can just plug-n-play when you need a quick manufacture date lookup

Update (11/21/2018)

Is this the website you are looking for? Enter your serial number in the box, press enter. Looks like this is a slightly more accurate website.

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Hard to do when buying off the internet. Also that page asked for the date of purchase and only tells me what years model it is, not when produced.


That second link is much more helpful. good going ;-)


Woohoo! Happy I could help & return the favor for all of those helpful answers you have given me. :-)


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