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Released in November 2017, the Oppo F5 is the first smartphone to use an 18:9 display instead of 16:9. In spite of having a 6.0-inch screen, the F5's width is similar to the 5.5" display with 16:9. Models CPH1723 and CPH1727.

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Oppo F5 Phone display gone and is not switching on

My phone was working very well with no interruptions or delay until one day it got switched off, and even when charged back, it didn’t show any response and it looks completely dead now with no signal or a single light and when I took it to Mobile repair shop, he said phones display is gone, and instead of changing it, you may get a new one.

i I would like to know if there’s a way to work it out?

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Plug your phone into a computer and see if the computer that you plug your phone into recognizes that your phone is plugged in.


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  1. 720 days gone


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