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The Kodak EasyShare C913 is a 9.2 MP digital camera.

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Why does the camera not transfer all pictures?

I have the Kodak C913 camera and compatible dock. When I transfer pictures to my computer it tells me it did not transfer all because they were duplicates. but they are not duplicates...they may be similar but they are not duplicates.

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I finally was able to transfer the picture.

Thanks for your help


fantastic, how did you solve the problem?


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are they old pictures? have you updated your software drivers on your pc?one reason for photo's not downloading is that they are incompatible with a new software/update. save your photos in a separate folder then try downloading an older version or reinstalling the original disk for the camera on your pc.

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they are not old pictures...but I think I will try removing and reinstalling the disk..Thanks


I uninstalled and reinstalled the Kodak software.. It did not fix the problem. It still did not transfer all the pictures (they are not duplicates, they are similar, but not duplicates). I don't know what to do now? any ideas?


I'd buy a card reader or use a friends to get your photo's downloaded from the camera. then I'd erase your card and reformat it in the camera... in the long run you'll probably get more use with the card reader and save your batteries. (camera's are upgrading faster than the memory cards!)


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