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Zweite Generation des WiFi iPads, erschienen am 11. März 2011. Modell Nummer A1395. Reparatur ist schwierig und verlangt Hitzezufuhr.

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Are there any Camera Upgrade Parts available?

Regarding the Teardown of the iPad 2, are there higher resolution cameras (both front and rear facing) available that could be swapped out? I would consider this hardware upgrade to be the most realistic reason to open up the iPad 2 for the consumer (unless a part is broken and needs to be replaced.) The rear facing camera is shown as being disassembled down to a single piece (no wiring ribbons attached). There must be a comparable camera component with a higher resolution that could be used to replace this one. Possibly the newest (Spring 2011) iMac's "HD" front facing camera?

From what I can access, the rear cameras 720P resolution at 4:3 (1.33) ratio computes to (720x960=691200 or <0.7MP) The front facing camera is "VGA", meaning less than this, most likely being the same camera used in the iPod Touch.

I can assume the iPad 3 will have the newer iMac's "HD" camera installed and I consider the relatively low resolution cameras used in the iPad 2 to be the weakest link in its design.

The Motorola Xoom comes with a 5MP rear (including dual LED flash) and 2MP front camera combo...far exceeding that of the iPad 2.

If we could get a 5+MP rear facing and at least 2MP front facing replacement in the iPad 2, it would be an upgrade worthy of pulling out the heat gun.

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Hi Gavin,

As far as I know the camera cannot be changed, and even if you were able to swap out the camera you would have the problem of Apple iOS software not being able to support the new resolution. Also you would probably have a hard time sourcing a new camera. Sorry :(

Here is a question slightly related to your question about swaping it with an iphone camera: Swap iPad 2 Camera

Hope this answers you question.

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