Anker 24W dual port charger value of R13

Block Image


I took apart my charger to try and fix it. It had burned out. From the board it seems R13 burned. Can anyone find the value of this resistor, or let me know what you think is wrong from this photo.



Update (11/28/2018) ===

Block Image

Block Image

Added new pictures

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Hi ,

You need to take much closer and clearer pictures for anything to be seen clearly.

Separate it into 2 or 3 pictures showing different sections of the board (overlap is OK).

Make R13 the centre of one of the pictures

Is there any discernible markings left on R13?


Thanks for the reply Jayeff, I wasn't expecting an answer so soon. I'll get you some better pictures as soon as possible my camera wasn't very good.

There are no markings it was completely blown away. All I can actually see is the 13, but there is a R11 and R12 quite close. So I am guessing it was a resistor.

R11 was 100k ohms and R12 50k ohms.


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