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iPhone 4 Loudspeaker near Mute even after replacement

Well after successfully Replacing my IPhone 4 screen everything worked out successful except the loudspeaker is near mute. You literally have to place the phone in your ear to hear the faintest of sounds.

I first suspected either a bad Connection or a fried loudspeaker. Unfortunately it's neither since I have another logic board I swapped them out and the sound worked perfectly thru the loudspeaker.

I've tried-

-Tested Another logic board on the speakers & sound worked so it's not the speakers.

- cleaned logic board & checked for bent connectors and dust.

- reset all settings and tried manually editing speaker sound settings. No effect.

- checked connections several times and made sure they were on tight.

- tried replacement USB/flex cable

- replacement speakers

- no it's not an head phone jack issue tried that also and I'm familiar with it since 4 of my iPhones suffered from that issue. Plus speaker wouldn't be working.

I can only come to one conclusion that its a hardware issue or since swapping only the logic board out allowed everything to work perfectly.

It's not isolated sounds- ringer, alarm, ringtones, music, speaker, and system ui sounds or anything else that might work from the speaker sound mute.

- Note - volume buttons do raise and lower the faint sound of the speaker when pressing it hard against my ear. But after going down 1/4 it goes mute.

Thank You


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Justin, I seem to have this EXACT same problem. Did you ever find a solution?


Does anyone know of a way to PM a user or contact them? I would love to know if Jay (Justin?) ever found a solution to this problem but they dont seem to visit any more...


unless a person has left their email address in the profile, there is no way to contact them....


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Justin, it seems like you covered most if not all of the bases. While I am not that familiar with the IPhone, getting my first back in February, I am an experienced IT guy, successfully working on many laptops and desktops hardware, software and configuration issues. I am familiar with troubleshooting. You have done everything you could, but one thing I found on Googling the issue, Have you tried a hard reset? This is reported by users as successfully restoring the sound in some cases with new IPhones out of the box. It is also possible that the motherboard either failed as a coincidence in timing after you reassembled your IPhone after the repair or it was damaged as a result of handling during the repair. Touch a printed circuit board with ICs on it in the wrong place and static can damage the chips in some cases. It is a hit or miss thing and you may not even feel the static discharge. If the hard reset does not work and unless there is some other thing you and I have not thought of or something else that those far more experienced in IPhones specifically can suggest, I do not think there is much more that can be done here...sorry.

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