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The Toshiba Satellite L675D-S7016 is a laptop with a 17.3" screen released in 2010. The serial number for this specific guide is YA364457K.

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How to get off black screen?


  1. So the laptop was charging one day and it was completely fine until it shut off into black screen
  2. The battery dies very quickly and last one hour.
  3. The ventilation of the laptop is also fine but since it went into black mode, it refuses to run.
  4. By the way I bought a new battery , just in case it may be the issue.
  5. Everything is fine with the laptop except it doesn't want to show the screen and the laptop runs out of life quick. It is slow on running
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1 Antwort

I think that your HDD might be the issue. You might want to replace it with an SSD, they’re much faster and it will make your laptop work much faster than before. Although if you do this you won’t have access to your old files, so what I’d recommend you do is buy something like this https://www.gearbest.com/cables-connecto... (It’s a Sata to USB cable) and once you’ve got your SSD into your laptop, copy the files from your HDD using the Sata to USB. Remember you’ll also need to download a new operating system, you can get Windows 10, and Linux based operating systems for free. But older versions of Windows will unfortunately cost you some money.

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