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One of the highest rated weather reading systems in 2016. Tons of features and functions for the meteorologist hobbyist in all of us.

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Why am I getting indoor and date info correctly but not outdoor. I hav

I have replaced the batteriesand made sure both devices are on the A channel

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Hi ,

Are there any signal bars showing in the display unit indicating a good connection to the outdoor sensor?

Here are 2 images taken from the user guide which show the location of the signal bars in the display and also what to do if there is no signal bars being indicated.

Block Image

Block Image

(click on images to enlarge for better viewing)

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I'd test a couple things:

1.) Use brand new batteries (just to isolate the issue) if the old ones are ok, you can always put them back in.

2.) Put the unit in the same room as the receiver

  • If the bars increase, then you might have an interference issue. I would move the sensor further and further away from the receiver until the bars drop. And that'll be your culprit: maybe there’s a wall with a lot of metal (ducts, wiring, etc.), or there’s a big electric motor running nearby (HVAC, old refrigerator, large CRT TV, etc.), or there’s a faulty appliance creating interference (microwave oven, etc.).
  • If it is interference, you may have to move one or both of the units.
  • If the bars do not increase, then you know there's something wrong with either the sensor or receiver.

Acurite sells both the sensor and receivers separately:


To be honest, if this is your only unit, it’s probably more economical to just replace the whole system. From Acurite, the replacement 5-in-1 sensor is ~$100 and the receiver is also ~$100.

Where it becomes a no-brainer is that on Amazon, you can buy a brand-new Acurite (5-in-1) system (receiver + sensor) for ~$125:


Or COSCO for a La Crosse 5-in-1 Professional Wireless Weather Station for ~$99:


I hope one of these tests proves fruitful, if not reach out to Acurite’s customer service…they were VERY helpful and responsive:


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