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The Alienware 17 R4 (17.3 inches) is a gaming laptop, released by Dell in 2016. (AW17R4-7000SLV-PUS)

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Looking to get new battery and new GPU and possibly the best cooling.

So i have an alienware 17 battery is pretty toast so needs to be in adapter permanently or deflates quick off power line. So any way to replace this or get a new one? Also looking to swap out nvidia GPU for a better one if possible and which one would fit it? I changed the hard disk to an SSD already and i have a pretty nice cooling pad l, but wondering if there is a preferred pad to buy for it. Anyways i like it and want to keep it and it performs well already just want to fix it up if i can.

Please help a tech guy out. Let me k ow if more info is needed thanks ahead of time.

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Dell does provide the repair guides on their website for battery replacement. As far as the GPU, you're sol. It's soldered to the board as far as I know. And they don't sell just the graphics chip to consumers since they're manufactured for the specific use of mobile graphics?

And for your cooling pad, I wouldn't know. Personal preference I suppose

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