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The first generation RAV4, known as the XA10 series was constructed on a unique platform that shared Carina and Corolla elements. It launched in Japan in May 1994.

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Starts but runs rough!

I have a 1999 Toyota Rav4 2.0L and I've replaced coils, plugs, timing belt, crank sensor and cam sensor, did continuity test from crank sensor and cam sensor to the computer and the wiring checks out ok, but its still throws a p0340 code for cam sensor, any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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Yes, checked all wiring and did continuity test from crank and cam sensor connector to ecm connector and checks out ok, thinking it may be the ecm but wanted a second opinion I guess


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Engine vacuum leak will cause it to run rough and can throw ecm / cam sensor code

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checked wires? follow the harness back, look for breaks or rubbing.

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Maybe bad one out the box?


I took it back off, did ohm reading and passed a piece of metal in front of it and its putting out correct voltage!


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