Cooling issue Samsung rs263 fridge

I have a fridge that has stopped cooling. The details are as fallows. A few days ago I heard the fridge condenser fan being a little noisy. I new it was time to take it a part and defrost the fridge. This is normal for this model and something I have gotten used to. After completing this I put it all back together and it cooled down normally and I though things were going to be good for 4-6 months (Had to do this a lot).

The next day I had noticed the freezer has stooped cooling, which has never happened in all the time I’ve owned it. Where I’ve had to take the fridge apart, maybe 15 times, the freezer has always been fine. So I cleaned out the freezer and took off the panel to find nothing wrong and dry coils. I was stumped. At this point the fridge was good. I took the rear panel off to check the condenser coils. I cleaned them but they were not that dirty.

I took the fridge section apart again thinking that even though none of those wires should have anything to do with the freezer, I was out of ideas. All was fine in there accept a slight bend in the copper tubing to the evaporator, which I bent back thinking maybe I caused a kink when cleaning, or worse, broke it and caused a leak. There was also frost already at the top of the evaporator coils.

The next day I noticed that the fridge was nolonger working, so both sides were doing nothing. I took the fridge apart again and saw the frost at the top of the coils and took a temp readings of about 25f there but 50s anywhere else on the coils. (Room temperature is 50.

So I don’t know where to go next. Upon plugging it in the condenser kicks on after a few seconds and continues to hum until unplugged. Saying to me that the temp controls work as well as the relay and condenser. The evaporator fans on both side work, I here liquid moving around in there so I don’t think it has leaked out. The condenser fan comes on but only stays on for a few minutes when plugged in. I wasn’t sure about that being a problem so I tried laying a tower fan down next to it on high as a substitute, but it was no help.

So there is my long story about my broken fridge. I thought the details may help zero in on something. I’d appreciate any advice.


I pulled the start relay off the compressor as I saw advise to check if it rattles. It does. Not 100% sure as it is a slight rattle. I wondering if a good relay should be 100% silent as you shake it. I decided to test things as I read about the compressor humming but not actually kicking on. I measured the compressor for resistance, this is my major concern. The info I’ve seen says the readings should be 10, 6, 4. All three readings were about 8.4. I fear my compressor is bad which would be the end of the fridge. So is my compressor bad or should I order a new start relay?

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